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The Comfort Zone

Updated: May 24, 2020

Ah, the comfort zone. How cozy and relaxing it is here.

It’s safe...familiar.

Would you say the magic happens here?...Probably not.

The comfort zone is more of a place where we stay until we wake up one day and decide: “I’m going to make a change”

No matter how big or small, change is typically the catalyst that will lure us into traveling outside of the comfort zone.

When we choose to make these modifications in our lives, we are simply beginning a journey.

The path to our destination will include some situations that come naturally to us, but also (and here’s the important part) will contain ways that challenge us or test our boundaries.

Now, some of us will decide to make a change, but then we “give up” before effectively concluding the mission we’ve set out to fulfill.

This is primarily because people prefer to stay inside their comfort zones rather than break through into the unknown world that has yet to be discovered, which is where many of our goals and dreams exist.

To get there, we must learn, grow, acknowledge, reflect, try new things, and be open to the trial and error that comes along with this new transformation.

Many people who are successful in life will tell you that they’ve encountered very many failures along their path throughout their quest for excellence.

“Giving up” after encountering a failure will only limit your ability to evolve and thrive. Don’t allow yourself to abandon your goals and dreams just because hurdles are thrown your way.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes work. Yes, it takes effort.

Meanwhile, the comfort zone is always there, waiting for you to gutlessly run back to it. It’s a place of invariability, possibly even some emotional security. It’s most likely a place where your development and progress will remain stagnant.

If we choose to withdraw from the comfort zone, it doesn’t mean we should aimlessly and recklessly wander around life with no plan.

However, when you have your eye on a prize, you should be willing to battle your way through the hurdles and turmoil that may arise along the journey.

Getting to the destination is rewarding, and you will look back and think how “worth it” it has been to arrive.

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