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The battle between the darkness and the light does NOT haveto be endless

Updated: May 24, 2020

The world is full of “goodness” and “badness” so to say.

The negative things are the darkness.

The positive, healing things are the light.

It’s quite possible that the darkness will always try to weasel its

way into your life now and again.

If you are in a negative headspace, it’s easier to fall down the

pessimistic spiral of gloominess and hopelessness, surrendering to

the darkness.

The more you address the darkness, the less likely it is to


When you are connected to the light within you, and the light of

the Universe, it becomes much easier to repel the darkness and

encourage a life of joyfulness and faith.

Simple ways to connect to the light include engaging in your

favorite hobby, singing, dancing, gardening, meditating, hiking,

creating art, the list goes on and on.

That feeling you get when you occupy yourself with something

that makes you feel “alive” and just “happy” overall, that’s the first

step toward enhancing the light in your life!

Do more of the “feel good” things that you sometimes leave on the

back burner when you’re too busy allocating your attention to the

stressful things surrounding you.

The more you invite the pleasant, blissful things into your world,

the more lightness you will attract!

When the darkness comes knocking, you will have the confidence

and fearlessness to turn your back to’ll have a knowingness

that the darkness is only temporary, and the less you engage with

it, the quicker it departs.

The lightness and the darkness cannot occupy the same space at

the same time.

If the light is present, it will recognize when the darkness is

making an attempt to catastrophically slither its way in.

You will be prepared.

You will be an intrepid warrior, well adjusted and even excited to

eradicate every last fiber of darkness.

By this time, you know how reassuring and satisfying it feels to

have the light in your life, and you will naturally and effectively

protect it.

The more you value and defend this light, the less the darkness will

pester you.

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