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What I never knew before becoming a mum...

Updated: May 24, 2020

I never knew that I could worry so much for someone who isn’t

even born yet.  I never knew that once I found out about you,

nothing else seemed very important at all anymore, only you and

your Daddy.  

I didn’t realize how scary it would be waiting in anticipation to

hear your first cry.

I never knew that seeing you gazing up at me would fill me with so

much emotion that words cannot even express in any form of

justice...or that watching you smile, laugh, experience your

“firsts”, all of these things would make me cry.  

I never knew that I would get so worried just because you have a

little scratch, or a rash, or maybe a cough.  

I didn’t know that the feeling of a tiny fist wrapping around my

finger would be the most amazing moment in the world.  

Never did I think that I would want to put EVERYTHING else in

life on hold, just to be home spending time with you...That I would

miss you so deeply, even if I were only gone for an hour.

I could have never imagined that after a long, stressful day, full of

your whining and fussiness, that I would miss you just moments

after you fall asleep each night...or that I would check up on you

572638238 times throughout any given night.  

I never knew how exciting it would be for someone to call me

“Mama”, and how proud I would be to BE a Mama.

Never could I just stare at someone in absolute amazement for

hours, the way I do with you.  

While discovering your voice, you’ve made quite a ruckus...Some

of the noises that you blurt out are definitely hard on the ears...But

even still, every sound you make is by far the most beautiful sound

I’ve ever heard.  

Never did I think that I would look at someone the size of you, and

think “oh my goodness, you are so big!  where has my baby


Never have I wanted to be a more desirable role model, or an

overall better person, until you came along.  

I am not the same person that I was before you came into my life,

and I’ve almost forgotten what life was like before this..but I

wonder every day how it could be that I‘ve gotten so lucky.

I Love You.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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