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Transform Your Life
Access Your Full Potential


Meet Lauren

Lauren is a life coach devoted to helping women improve their lives.  She helps women release things that no longer serve them, and encourages them to create structure and organization around their goals.


She holds certifications in:


Integrated Energy Therapy®

Yoga Teacher 500

Yoga Teacher 200

Yin Yoga

Hot Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Kids Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Chair Yoga

Reiki Grand Master

Reiki (Levels I through Master/Teacher)

Karuna Ki Reiki® (Levels I through Master/Teacher)



Awaken Your Fullest Potential With Lauren

Gain Control Of Your Life

Release Limiting Beliefs

Re-focus Your Goals

Improve Relationships

Cultivate Peace of Mind

What IS
Your Light?

Your Light, as your Inner Goddess, is the part of you that intuitively knows what you need - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally - and isn't afraid to ask for it (or ACCEPT it when it arrives).  Your light is your Soul's purpose - doing the things that bring joy and bliss into your everyday world, and fill you up with everything you never even knew you needed.


Your light is confidence, happiness, acceptance, peace, connection, and so much more.  

Your light brings balance and harmony to an otherwise somewhat chaotic environment.

Your light is a gift that you get to enjoy, and (if you choose) share with loved ones, or the world.  Your light can never be taken away - it lives within you at the deepest level of your being.  It's fiery, but also easily and effortlessly flowing.


When you detach from self-limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, you can intensify the positive things in life, while diminishing those which no longer serve you. 

We all have a beautiful, purposeful light within us.  Finding that light and learning how to operate it is the key to generating the life you’ve been waiting for.  Lets work together to discover your light!


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”“Lauren has been an extremely pivotal person in my life, right
from the first time we met.  Her influence was the catalyst in my
lifestyle now.  The first self-healing and empowerment circle I
went to, we chanted (well I just sat there and listened) The
Protective mantra Aad Gurray nahmay...she gave us all a hand
written cut up piece of loose paper with the mantra written on it.
 And I kept it for the longest time.  Never knowing that years later,
that mantra was going to be one of the mantras that I chant every
single morning as I tune into Kundalini yoga.  Her energy and
enthusiasm was really inspiring and I wanted to be more like that.
I’m grateful for her being exactly where she was supposed to be at
that time.  It was divine intervention, and it’s truly changed my life
for the better.”

- Nicole

“In all my years on this earth, I have encountered many souls of
many walks of life.  Along my travels I met this gem of a soul,
whom I now have the privilege to proclaim her wonders to the
masses!  Lauren manages to balance all that is energy with a finger
tip sensitivity that is only granted to those who are TRULY
awakened to their calling in this life.  My spiritual well-being has
taken the front seat on this ride of life since entrusting my path to
Lauren.  Never once have I felt pressured, misguided, or anything
short of euphoric when diving into Lauren's suggested practices.
 Trust Lauren one time and I am sure you will see that she is truly
gifted and worthy of your patronage to make you the best version
of yourself”

- Matt

"I have known Lauren for a very long time. She is someone I can really confide in, someone I trust, and someone who I know is actively listening to me when I share things with her. Opening up to her is easy by how comfortable she makes me feel. Her energy is so uplifting and positive and I instantly feel better when I speak to her. She has one of those beaming smiles that are contagious! I love how she uses crystals for healing and teaches me how to benefit from them in my everyday life. Her knowledge is endless and anytime I have any self-healing or holistic related questions, I turn to her. Having her in my life has truly been a blessing."

- Amanda

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